I am mostly known for my emotional sunset imagery, attention to detail and my love of well done chick-fil-a chicken nuggets. Most days you can find me drinking all the cold brew coffee while listening to a podcast--juggling my two little boys baseball schedules and being a pretty rad wife! I am a Jesus lover, an emotional storyteller, artist and an essential oil enthusiast plus-- I am ready for any adventure my husband throws my way which usually included his duel sport adventure bike. I am obsessed with braves baseball, hiking and tubing on the river with my family. I am a book nerd, lover of life, adventurer, sign maker, artist and all around wild & free child of God. 

alyssa hollis

I am a southern mama who enjoys long days on the river with my family, summer afternoons laying on the hammock with a good book in one hand and a glass of cab in the other. I love to dance, act a fool and laugh! Baseball games and puppy snuggles are my love language. I thrive on encouraging others to run after their passions and gifts to no avail. I love to lift people up and show them just how awesome they really are! 

dog wrangler • wine snob

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