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Grace comes like a wave…

Vacation plans started out strong this year and it was the first time in 2 years we planned a real beach vacation AND we did not wait until the last second so we were super pumped!

Flash forward to 1 week before we were set to leave and I saw a post on Facebook about how people were being scammed out of condos via a very popular Facebook vacation rental group. So I told my husband to double check and make sure we did not get scammed because at the rate at which our lives have been going this year – I would not be shocked for a single second.

What do ya know… we were scammed out of $1500 by dealing with someone via a Facebook group.

Lesson learned.

{still fighting with our bank and paypal}

Having to tell our kids we would not being visiting the beach this year AGAIN was the worst part.

Our kids took this disappointment with such Grace that it taught me so much in a matter of seconds.

A few days later my husband had a good friend of his who he met through his gaming community offer us a week stay in Ft. Lauderdale beach which was an unexpected blessing and we took him up on the offer we rented a van and set out on an 11 hour car ride with two wild boys.

We adventured, ate ice cream, had some good sea food and played for hours. Unfortunately we got stormed out and I was unable to get photos of the boys on the beach the last day like I planned but the memories we made were worth every second of chaos.

I learned a ton from this trip. I learned that I am spoiled rotten brat, I don’t like when things don’t go my way, I can’t live a single second without floods of Jesus and I need to take a step back and calm down. I learned that I need to have a wild child like mind where I get my hopes up, get excited and have fun even if things don’t go as planned. I have been trying to be really tough this year and say stupid things like “I don’t get my hopes up anymore” or “ My expectations are zero” and “I saw this one coming…” and when I truly sit and evaluate what that mentality means for my life as a Christ follower…well it is not good. I felt waves of conviction about how I was feeling about certain things that have gone on since the start of this year and I know Jesus did not die for me to be a be a massive brat by trying to be all tough and act like I have any strength without him.  This past week proved my theory correct. I did not have time to get up and do Jesus time, no worship music played and the only peace I got was watching my boys swim in the ocean for a bit. The second I left that beach I got in a gross mood. I know why… because I was not consumed by Jesus- was he with me? Yes. Was I seeking him? Eh, not so much. Truth- I often speak it even when I don’t want to.

All-in-all the trip was great but I can find a story and a lesson in everything that happens in my life. This was just another chapter.

Grace comes like a wave is a song by Elevation worship that always no matter what brings major joy and resets my thinking.

Until the next vacation… here we come Denver, CO!


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