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I have some top reasons why you need an in-home photo session but first let’s just take a dive into why you think you don’t need a photographer to come into your safe space and photograph your wild and fun family. I have been offering in-home sessions for the last year and they are starting to become a huge favorite for me and for my clients.

I know, I know.. you’re already thinking things like:

  • My house is too messy

  • It is kind of weird to have someone photograph my family in my home

  • My house is not cute

  • We are way too boring for this kind of shoot

  • How could this even be fun

  • I don’t really like people at my house

  • No natural light

  • My house is not perfect

  • My house is not picture worthy

All of those things are valid thoughts and feelings and I can also say I have said those same things about my own home. The truth is the mess is not the main focus of a shoot like this. You can tidy your mess for a session. I also live in a messy chaotic home so I truly do understand why booking an in-home session seems out of the norm but I thrive on just that- not being like everyone else.

The truth is these seasons of life will soon be a distant memory… No one sits and dwells on the moments they are living right now and how they will soon be gone. It’s not fun to think about really…right? Nah.. but the hard truth is this- the kids will be off to off to college, getting married and creating their own families in a blink of an eye. I know for me I think about the days of right now and how I can feel them slipping away. I want to document their little lives right now and I want to be in those photos too; I want to remember all of us right now as we are and look back in later years and have those memories in a tangible form. Your home is where you spend most of your time together. When you look back in a few years at these images you will treasure them and you will be so happy you did this! Photography sessions don’t always have to happen at some epic outdoor location sometimes capturing your family in your safe space means just a little bit more.

So that mess… that mess is not important. Your family memories are.

5 reasons why you should book an in-home session:

  • Your home is your safe place

  • Your kids will feel 100x more comfortable

  • You will want to remember this exact season of your life

  • Life is happening right now

  • Your kids will be bigger next year

This entire session was taken in their master bedroom. 

All this mama did was shove her “mess” into her closet and made her bed. It’s that simple. Every in home session is the same. People hide their mess and focus on what is important. Their connection and their love as a family unit in their comfort zone. Chances are everyone has a space in their home that has a little light, a bed or a couch. The focus was always on them. Not their stuff. So why do you need an in home family session this Winter? Umm would you just look at these? The connection is everything and they will look back on these through the years and treasure them.

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