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Ok let me tell you about Kelsey freaking Butcher.

First off she is HILARIOUS and I love her. 

So I met Kelsey on none other than Instagram! Her and I might have found each other on a random follow Friday or through a hashtag but that does not matter. Honestly it feels like her and I have been buddies and supporting each others business’ since foreverrrrr. She specializes in couples, weddings and elopements and you can find her work here: KELSEY BUTCHER PHOTOGRAPHY

She has always lifted me up and make me laugh. Two things every girl needs in a friend.

The first time I met Kelsey in person after a few years of being insta-friends she showed up at my house. Yep! She just rolled on up and said lets go to lunch.  {well duh I gave her my address} That is someone I for sure want in my life.  Me being an introvert to my core I need friends who will take that initiative to pull me from my shell and bring out the best in me. We went to eat Ramen for those who were dying to know and if you have not tried Sushiology in Kennesaw, GA you are missing out! 

Ok enough about our long lost love story.

These two nerds met at church. Can you even fathom? They did not meet online like 1000% of people I know and love and they are the weirdest funniest couple I have ever had the privilege of photographing.  

My face legit hurt when I left this session from laughing so much.

Their daughter Olivia is also ridiculously cute and funny just like her parents.

A few random facts about the Butchers:

  • They have two dogs Emma & Finn and they have their own IG account

  • They are obsessed with OutlanderKelsey was adopted, hates Cilantro and is addicted to editing in coffee shops.

  • Ryan loves to tell freakishly weird jokes and video bombing Kelsey’s insta-stories

  • Olivia is the cutest half asian child I have ever met in my existence of meeting anyone



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