5 things to consider before hiring your family photographer | Atlanta Family Photographers

I know sister booking family photos can be a major stress and your husband would probably rather slam his hand in a car door than deal with this mess… can I get an amen?

Well here at 5 things to consider when you are booking your photographer.

  • Visit their website (duh-haha)

    Why is this so important? You need to do your homework on your photographer. Their website shows a lot about who they are and how they work.  Their most recent work will be posted in their galleries as well as a deeper dive into their work on their blogs. Check the about me section and read it- that is the best way to know if you will mesh well together and be a good fit. This will also let you know how they will be with your children which is huge! Also take a look and see if their pricing is listed so you can get an idea before sending your inquiry email. Most photographers try their best to save you time by answering the most FAQ’s on their website.

  • Communication 

    First, Keep their business hours in mind also when you contact them. Communication is key and should be number 1! You will be able to discern almost immediately from their inquiry response how they will communicate throughout your entire experience with them.  Prompt and clear communication up front and through the entire experience is a must. You should be told up front via contract exactly what will happen from time of booking until gallery delivery. This is like any other business relationship and should be treated as such. Customer service is key!

  • Follow them on Social Media 

    Most photographers are all over Instagram right now and with the new story feature you can really get a glimpse of how they work, where they shoot and who they really are behind the camera. Some even share their personal lives on their business Instagram stories- I know I do. Photographers share their personal and business life on insta-stories and add them to the highlight feature for potential clients to view. Facebook shows a lot more of a persons life than just their work and sometimes more than Instagram. You will want to follow them to get a feel if you are a good fit as they will most likely become a part of your life. I have clients who were my Facebook/Instagram friend for years before they finally booked me. I have a lot of clients who have become friends over the years as well as clients who book me many times a year. I know when I book my own family photos I follow my photographer on all social platforms to get an inside peek at who I am really work with.

  • Light, location and wardrobe knowledge Hello! Light is what photography is all about.  You will want to make sure by viewing the potential photographers social media platforms and/or their website that they have immense light knowledge.  You will want to make sure your photographer has a variety of locations to choose from, and will help you pick the right clothing options for the session and corresponding location.  I personally help each one of my clients style their photo session all the way down to their socks and shoes.

  • Pricing

    Price is actually something I know people take into consideration, but typically for the wrong reasons.  I personally think most people do not truly look at the photographers work in relation to their investment fees or extra services.  I see posts on Facebook daily for people asking for recommendations on “a photographer that won’t break the bank” or a “cheap photographer” when in turn if you want quality work created by a skilled professional who specializes in your exact needs- then the truth is you will pay more for that. You are paying for an experience not just a few quick shots of your family. Professionals take into account the perfect location, trendy wardrobe, your family style, your children’s needs and your very best interests after all you both are reflecting each other in the end.  Photographers have families to feed just like you and most of them are not just out there doing this because it’s super fun. Heck yes it’s fun, but it’s a lot of hard back end work most clients do not see and that is ok! We don’t see all hard work Michael Kors puts into his business and most of us don’t care- we just buy his merchandise and we surly don’t ask Starbucks why their coffee is $5+ for a cup… we just buy it and we buy it every dang day of the week for that matter.  Just keep in mind – you get what you pay for. You can either pay for a Facebook “profile pic” or you can invest in a story showcasing your legacy in beautifully crafted images. Professional photographers spend many years perfecting their craft, studying and investing in top of the line gear to capture and curate the images you are receiving.


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