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5 tips for a stress free family photo session 

I know, I know… family photos tend to sound super stressful! Family photos have been for me in the past too and that is why I wanted to let you in on a few things that can help alleviate some stress in the process and make it a little more enjoyable.

  • Pick the right photographer

yes, this one is the most important.  I know really it seems pretty simple but the person leading your session is extremely important. Look for experience in family photography, look at their portfolio, follow them on social media, get to know them before you hire them. You need to talk to them and express yourself and who your family really is before you ever pay them. Making sure you mesh is a huge factor in a smooth ride. You need your photographer to be emotionally invested in you from the start of your inquiry to the the day your gallery is delivered.

  • Set your wardrobe up early

Your photographer should know how to style you in a manor that fits your family and also looks amazing in photographs. If they don’t offer to help then seek someone with fashion knowledge. I personally style each and every single client that I take photos for. Once you get your wardrobe set (I suggest 2 weeks prior to your date) leave it and do not change it. Hang everything up together in your closet with all the accessories, shoes etc and have them set and ready to go! This is HUGE!

  • Hair and makeup

 If you don’t feel like you look like a million bucks chances are it will show in images. Yes mama I am talking to you! Do yourself a favor and set up getting your hair and makeup done the day of your session and make it an experience.  I suggest making this apt the day you make your photo session and have a back up ready to go incase your first choice has an emergency.

  • Talk to your kids

 No I don’t mean pound into their head they are to smile and act perfect so just throw that idea right out the window y’all! Also, bribing never works so might as well not even try that one. I have found that bribing 99% of the time makes the whole experience that much harder. I mean truly talk to your kids about your photographer. Show them his/her photo and start talking about them when you book the session to get them use to this person. Tell them things about this person (if you follow them on social media chances are they share a lot of their lives on their accounts) I promise you this is a HUGE deal. I do this with my own kids and it makes a world of difference. I show them photos of the person, their family and I say their name a lot so they remember the day of the session and it almost feels like they know the photographer before ever meeting them. Also- let your kids be kids. Don’t worry (at least if you book with me) about how they act. This session is a story about your life. If you book me you know I am not like most photographers or cliche studios- I am a real life type of photographer and your kids will run my sessions because lets be real they run our lives.

  • Trust

Simply trust the photographer who you are choosing to capture your family. If you seek them out and pay them your hard earned money to give you what you want then you must let go and trust their skills.  Every single family dynamic is different, so that means if your best friend uses the same photographer as you your images will undoubtably show something a little different. You must trust them whole heartedly to capture the real true essence of your family. Your photographer should have you fill out a detailed questionnaire (at least this is what I do in my own business) to get to know your family a little bit more in detail. I do this so I can be looking even more deeply in to who you are as a unit than I normally would for those precious moments.If you are interested in booking me to capture your next family photo session please inquire here.


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