Warm fall family photos in Marietta, GA |Best Marietta family photographers

It’s not every day you meet people randomly in public talk about your boy mom status, eating cake for breakfast, your career and right then become life long friends, at least not for me. I like to describe myself as an introverted people person though once I step in front of a camera I become an extrovert it seems. When Amy walked into my life with her quirky smile and magnetic whit I was like where has this woman been my whole adult life?! Weeks later after meeting Amy booked me as their family photographer this past Spring and magic was made y’all. Flash forward to their fall family session and we are even better friends now.  All I can say is this family is everything! They make me laugh till I almost cry, Joe and Will have the most infections smiles and their dad actually likes me you guys! I could not have been blessed with a better job! Clients who turn into friends are really the best kind of clients!


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